Management/Activity Reports

Management and activity reports help you better monitor the work performed by your employees and trends in materials usage and cost.

The screen shots in this document are generic, and your company’s interface may vary.

Access Management/Activity reports

Generate management reports

View reports

Additional Report Criteria and Filters


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Access Management/Activity reports

Select Management/Activity Reports in the Reports menu (see Figure 1). The Management/Activity Reports page appears (see Figure 2).

Figure 1

Generate management reports

1.   Select a report from the Report drop-down menu.

2.   Use the menus, fields, and check boxes in the Report Criteria and Report Filters sections to filter the data you want displayed in the report. See Additional Report Criteria and Filters for information about each menu, field, and check box.

3.   Click the Start Date and End Date SmartCalendar buttons to choose start and end dates for the report. Click Continue.

Management reports display data from estimates uploaded during the selected date range. If multiple iterations of the estimate have been uploaded, the report uses the latest upload. Activity reports, in contrast, display bid request data regardless of whether a completed estimate has been uploaded yet.

Figure 2

4.   The Confirmation page appears. Make sure the email address in the address field is correct, and click Submit (see Figure 3). If you do not enter an email address, the report will still be generated, but you will not be notified. You can find the report in the Report Library after it has been generated.

Figure 3

5.   If you entered an email address, you’ll receive an email with a link to the report. Select this link to see the report (see Figure 4).

Figure 4

View reports

Report header

When viewing a report, you’ll see a report header above the report. This header displays your report filter selections and a number of links (see Figure 5).

       The Backtrack link is available if you’ve navigated to a different hierarchy level in the report. When you click this link, the previously viewed hierarchy level appears.

       When you click Printable View, a printable view of the report appears.

       When you click Excel Export, the current view of the report data is exported to an Excel worksheet.

       When you click Report Help, the Management/Activity Reports Interactive User's Guide help window appears.

Figure 5

Hierarchy tree

A hierarchy tree appears to the left of each report, dependent on your organization’s hierarchy, your security rights, and the report criteria (see Figure 6).

       Select a plus sign to the left of a level label to expand the tree and see lower levels of the hierarchy. When you select a specific level (not a plus or minus sign, but the label), the report changes to show data for that level only.

Figure 6 shows a hierarchy tree for a company that uses Geographic Hierarchy. Your company may use Organizational Hierarchy, in which case the hierarchy tree would show office levels rather than geographic areas.

Figure 6

You can also select table row labels and graph bars in graphical reports to view data for other levels of your hierarchy. With most reports, you can view individual estimate data using these links.

Additional Report Criteria and Filters

The Management/Activity Reports menus, fields, and check boxes are defined below.

Report Criteria

Fill out the Report Criteria section as follows (see Figure 7).

Figure 7


Select the report you want to generate.


First choose a hierarchy type by selecting one of the radio buttons (Geographic, Organizational, Individual, Custom Group). Then click the Area SmartList button to choose the level of hierarchy you want shown in the report (see Figure 8). In the dialog box that appears, you can select lower levels of your hierarchy by first clicking the names of the higher hierarchy levels. Only estimates in the selected hierarchy groups/levels will appear in the report.


Select a program to see estimate data for that program only. The available programs are dependent on your rights and company settings.


Select a trade to see estimate data for that trade only. The available trades are dependent on your rights and company settings.

Industry / Industry Types

The Industry Types (see Figure 10) and Industry (see Figure 11) check boxes work together (with the Program and Trade drop-down menus). If you wish to compare one of your company’s programs with similar programs in the industry, select the similar program from the Industry Types check boxes (or de-select the dissimilar programs). This narrows the results of the industry comparison. For example, if you choose to compare your company’s Staff program (see Figure 9) to the industry, you can narrow the comparison by selecting the Staff Adjusters Industry Type and deselecting the others (see Figure 10). This ensures that your company’s Staff program will only be compared to the industry’s Staff Adjusters programs in the report.

After you narrow down the industry types, select one or more check boxes in the Industry section (see Figure 11). The industry data appearing alongside your company data in the report will reflect this selection. If you select a box with a label ending in w/out [your company], the Ranking check box appears. When checked, the generated report contains a new column. This column displays how your program ranks against the industry data. The asterisks* in the report and notes at the bottom of the report show which columns are included in the ranking.

Report Filters

Fill out the Report Filters section as follows (see Figure 8).

Figure 8

Project Size

Deselect project size check boxes to exclude data for estimates with those project sizes from the report.

Job Type

Select a job type to see only estimates with the selected job type in the report.

Other report filters

Clear the check boxes for Residential, Commercial, and Include Zero Dollar Estimates to exclude these types of estimates from the report.



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